Handmade Floggers

The Basics


Our Standard Flogger offerings feature Maple, Mahogany and Walnut handles, with soft cowhide falls. They can be finished with a braid around the hilt or with Stainless Steel hardware. 

Upgrade Your Wood


We Always maintain a stock of Wenge, Purple Heart, and Zebrawood for an added stylish touch to your new Flogger.

Upgrade Your Leather


We offer several options for your falls depending on what type of play you are after. Our Standard soft cowhide is a good all around multipurpose leather. Deer Skin is well suited for those looking for soft and sensual, and bull hide is for those wanting something heavy for some serious play.  

Custom Shop


We can completely custom build to suite any taste. Choose your wood, choose your leather, and give us a design concept, and we will build a flogger specific to your needs.



Mini "Finger" floggers are always fun and can be made as singles or as a Florentine pair.

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